TEOK Investigations has been conducting professional field seminar educational programs in earth and environmental science for science educators since 1999. At the conclusion of each program, participants are asked to provide an evaluation. The following are a few selected comments from educators that have participated in these programs.

The Science of Ecosystems

“I have been to numerous seminars over many years and this was one of the most fun, educational, and exciting. Kauai is a remarkable place, and to see it through your experienced, passionate and knowledgeable eyes was an honor. Thank you.”
Victoria Stripling – Brooks School, North Andover, MA

“I would highly recommend this seminar to science teachers — especially those looking for a hands-on activity week incorporating a variety of earth science topics. It a was a great opportunity to meet other teachers and share ideas and lesson plan activities.”
Stephanie Wally – James Madison Middle Sch., Oakland, CA

“Absolutely fantastic. It is great to be a student again – especially a field student. I’m a hands-on learner and you can’t get better than this.”
Rachel Hovington – Atlanta International School, Atlanta, GA

“Yes, I would highly recommend this as a means to challenge our ability to gain more information about the earth on which we live. The seminar gave me a better understanding about our planet and provided new classroom ideas.”
Brigitte Gruener – Mohawk Elementary School, Macomb, MI

“A+. In my 30 years of attending workshops and seminars, this was one of the most interesting, informative and useful. Highly recommended for all biological and earth science teachers.”
Bob Brugler -Gahanna Lincoln H.S. Columbus, OH

Geoscience on the Big Island